Brazilian Blow Dry


woman with straight beautiful hair

Brazilian Blow Dry is the solution to all your hair problems, offering sleek and smooth hair that automatically styles itself after each wash.

Using an innovative Keratin treatment, it works to improve the appearance of dry, damaged hair.

At Glow Beauty Centre our highly trained hairdressers offer Brazilian Blow Dry treatments for all hair styles so if you are looking for sleek, glossy hair after every wash this is the perfect treatment for you.

What is a Brazilian Blow Dry?

A Brazilian Blow Dry is a popular hair care treatment that works deep into the hair cuticle and conditions each individual strand of hair. A little bit like a hair mask, the overall appearance and health of the hair is improved, leaving hair looking healthy and refreshed.

Using specialist Nanokeratin treatment, the Brazilian Blow Dry soothes the hair, removing any frizz and applying a semi-permanent straightening effect.

A Brazilian Blow Dry:

  • Smoothes and straightens the hair
  • Makes hair shiny and silky
  • Saves time styling hair
  • Rebuilds and repairs damaged and weakened hair
  • Locks in colour

The results of a Brazilian Blow Dry can last for 12-16 weeks depending on each individual’s hair type prior to the treatment.

The treatment takes 90 minutes on short hair and 150 minutes on longer styles.

Brazilian Blow Dry Aftercare

As with all intensive hair treatments it is important to protect the hair for a few days afterwards to prevent the Brazilian Blow Dry from undoing itself.

Our stylist recommends:
• Avoiding wetting hair as this gives it time to blend with the keratin treatment
• Leaving hair down for 3 days after the treatment as keratin is malleable and so can leave dents in your hair if tied up
• Avoid using hair products during the 3 day waiting period too as these can affect the longevity of the treatment

We recommend booking a free consultation prior to your Brazilian Blow Dry as our stylists will be able to advise whether the treatment is suitable for you and your hair type.

To book a Brazilian Blow Dry call Glow Beauty Centre today.