Mens Facials

man having a facial treatment

Facials are available for men at Glow Beauty Centre. Who said facials were just for women? Facial treatments for men are in popular demand. Get the best facial cleanser for you. Exfoliate, cleanse and revitalise your skin.

Facial Care for Men

Facial cleansing is important to maintain clean and smooth skin. With daily shaving it is important you care for your facial skin.

Why should you get a facial?

  • Men produce more facial oil – Men have higher testosterone levels and this explains why they naturally produce more oil. It is important to have a daily facial cleaning routine to avoid clogged pores, black heads and troublesome spots.
  • Smooth shaving – Every day shaving can have negative effects for your skin. Irritation and razor burns can cause inflammations and discomfort. Facials clean the pores, soothe tender skin and moisturise dry skin. Moisturised skin can help give you a smoother shave.
  • Professional advice – Having a facial at the salon gives you the chance to talk to the facial professionals. Learn the best tips to care for your skin. Every skin is different. If you have oily, dry or sensitive skin you will need a tailored treatment for you.

Facial for Men

Glow Beauty Centre has two facial treatments for men:

  • Coolherbals Express Energy Facial Treatment – This thirty minute treatment is perfect for men who want to pop in for a quick treatment before going out. The Express Energy Facial Treatment refreshes your skin with detoxing and cleansing natural ingredients.
  • Coolherbals Intensive Energising Facial Treatment – Enjoy an hour long facial that detoxes your pores and gives your skin the refresh it deserves. A popular facial treatment, the Intensive Facial Treatment uses natural ingredients to cleanse, detox and moisturise your skin.

Coolherbals treatment products are used worldwide and by celebrities. Using the best natural ingredients they revitalise your skin.

These treatments can be used on normal, oily, dry and sensitive skin types. Talk to your beauty therapist before your treatment if you have any concerns.