Mens Hair Removal

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Glow Beauty Centre offers hair removal treatments for men. If you want to remove the hairs from your back or you just want to tame your eyebrows we have a variety of hair removal solutions, from semi-permanent and permanent hair removal.

Hair Removal for Men

At Glow Beauty Centre we have many options for men’s hair removal. We have short term treatments like waxing and threading which can give you professional results and last up to four weeks. We also offer permanent hair removal for men with laser hair treatments.

We have threading treatments which are perfect for eyebrow shaping and removing odd hairs around the face. If your eyebrows need taming, threading is quick and easy for tidying eyebrow hairs. As threading just pulls the hair, the technique doesn’t tug on the skin and is relatively painless.

Waxing is also suitable for shaping eyebrows and removing facial hairs as well as removing other body hair. We provide full body hair removal and treatments for select areas like back, chest, arms and legs. Waxed hairs get thinner and easier to remove so with more waxing treatments you have the longer the results last.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

We have permanent hair removal treatments at Glow Beauty Centre. Our laser hair removal treatments are popular and we also provide the latest specialist laser machines.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and SHR (Super Hair Removal) use advanced light and laser technology to destroy hairs at the root to prevent regrowth.

Depending on your hair thickness and your skin, our beauty therapists will give you a consultation before your permanent hair removal treatment and advise how many treatments you will need to achieve permanent results.

Glow Beauty Centre provides a great selection of men’s hair removal treatments so you can choose which is the best for you. Hair removal for men is an easy task at our beauty salon.

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