Spray Tan


woman tanning on the beach

Spray tanning is available at Glow Beauty Centre for excellent prices. Come to our salon and get your summer glow with us.

Best Spray Tan

At Glow Beauty Centre we have experienced staff who have professional training on how to use our tan sprays so you can relax knowing you’re getting the best spray tan.

Unlike some salons that use tan booths, we use sprays to ensure you get the best treatment and complete tanning coverage.

On average our tans last about one week and will fade naturally. To help make your tan last longer you can use tanning moisturising cream and avoid long baths.

If you want to get some colour before your holiday or just want to give your skin a sunny glow then Glow Beauty Centre has the best spray tan in Preston.

Fake Tan 

The benefits of tanning at a salon compared to having a spray tan at home are many. We can ensure you have a levelled treatment so you don’t have any blotches and you have the most effective long lasting tan.

We have many returning customers who enjoy getting the best fake tan in Preston.

Before your spray tan make sure to follow these guidelines to get the best out of your treatment.

  • Exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells
  • You should shave or wax the day before you have your spray tan. This helps give a level tan and avoids any spotting from open pores.
  • Before your tan you shouldn’t apply deodorants or perfumes as it will prevent the spray from reaching your skin.
  • You shouldn’t use any moisturisers on the day of your tan as the cream will prevent the tan from working effectively.
  • The tanning treatment can cause your nails to change colour so apply some nail polish to protect your nails.

After your tan you can’t have a shower or a bath for the first 8 hours as you need to let the tan rest and develop. We recommend you wear dark clothing after your spray treatment as the fake tan can mark the clothing.

For your next spray tan appointment contact Glow Beauty Centre and get your summer glow.