Weight Loss Programmes


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Losing weight can be hard especially when you have limited time to prepare healthy meals or exercise.

At Glow Beauty Centre we offer fantastic weight loss programmes that are non-invasive and are effective in sculpting and shaping your ideal body size.

Best Weight Loss Programmes

With our weight loss treatments, results can be seen almost immediately without needing to work out at the gym.

Our weight loss programme can remove inches from the body, tone muscles and help reduce cellulite. Our treatments also detox the body so you can enjoy the benefits of losing inches from the waistline and feel rejuvenated.

Weight Loss Programmes in Preston

At Glow Beauty Centre we have many weight loss programmes available which use a combination of wraps and massages to tone muscles and reduce cellulite.

All of our treatments are provided by trained therapists who can give you the best results so you don’t have to break a sweat. These are the areas we focus on with our weight loss programmes:

Hip and Thigh Sculpture

This sculpture treatment targets cellulite to give smoother and sleeker skin. After your first treatment you will see changes to your hips and thighs as muscles start to become more toned.

Cheek Lift

Lift and tone your bum without having to squat your way to success. The treatment shapes and tones your cheeks so you can have a booty to be proud of.

Tummy Trim

No more will you have to force yourself to do sit ups, you can get a tummy trim that will sculpt and flatten your stomach.

Bust Lift

Looking for a breast enhancement without having to go under the knife? Our Bust Lift treatment tones and shapes your bust without any invasive procedures.

Arm and Tummy Trim

Our Arm and Tummy Trim tones your arms and tummy without having to do press ups every day. The treatment tightens skin and muscles to give a flatter stomach and stronger looking triceps.

Deep Cleansing Wrap

This is a cleansing wrap that cocoons the body in rich and detoxing nutrients. The natural minerals are absorbed into the body and help to breakdown the excess fat. The wrap helps against cellulite and tones the muscles.

Contouring Wrap

Tone your body whilst you relax in a Contouring Wrap. The fresh aromatic smells help you to feel relaxed as you are wrapped in a smoothing gel to help tone your muscles and smooth your skin.

You will see changes after the first treatment but we recommend you book at least three appointments to see improved changes.

At Glow Beauty Centre we also provide two specialised weight loss treatments:

Ionithermie is an Algae wrap filled with rich nutrients to replenish the skin and help tone muscles.

Coolherbals CoolSlim Body Wrap is designed to tone muscles and tighten loose skin in your arms, thighs and stomach.

Contact Glow Beauty Centre if you have any enquiries about our weight loss programmes.