CoolSlim Body Wrap


woman measuring her waist

CoolSlim Body Wrap is a weight loss programme available at Glow Beauty Centre. The toning wrap helps to make skin firmer and helps toward a slimming figure.

What is CoolSlim Body Wrap?

The CoolSlim Body Wrap from Coolherbals is designed to reduce inches from the waistline, legs and arms without having to do physical exercise. The CoolSlim paste is applied to the body and then the skin is wrapped in a Velcro belt to help tone the muscles.

The body wrap can improve your body shape and reduce the appearance of cellulite when used regularly.

The CoolSlim Body Wrap helps to detox the body, remove excess fat and fluid, tightens and tones muscles, and softens the skin. The wrap has been used to help tone slackened dermal tissues after pregnancy.

How does CoolSlim Body Wrap Treatment work?

The CoolSlim Wrap paste is a mixture of Gopichand clay, salt, seaweed and other natural ingredients. The rich blend of minerals draws out impurities and helps cell rejuvenation.

Benefits of CoolSlim Body Wrap Treatment

The combination of the nutritional paste and Velcro wrap beneficial treatment if you want to lose weight or tone the muscles. There are many benefits to using the body wrap:

  • Detoxes skin cells
  • Removes dead skin
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Tones muscles
  • Assists weight loss
  • Reduces inches
  • Restores minerals

After having a CoolSlim Body Wrap treatment the effects can last up to four weeks and we advise to have the treatment weekly to maintain results. The weight loss body wrap is safe to use on a regular basis. We always recommend if you have any concerns about having the body wrap if you have any health problems please contact us or consult your doctor.

The CoolSlim Body Wrap has shown to assist weight loss alongside a healthy balanced diet but the main purpose of the treatment is to help tone skin and detox the cells.

If you are interested in one of our Weight Loss Programmes and wish to book in an appointment, contact our Glow Beauty Centre 01772 795572