IPL Anti-Aging Treatment


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The latest anti-aging treatment at Glow Beauty Centre is IPL Anti-Aging. Our Intense Pulse Light treatment is a gentle and non-invasive procedure which works to eliminate marks and reduce wrinkles.

What is IPL Anti-Aging Treatment?

Intense Pulse Light Anti-Aging is the application of using an IPL machine which uses focused pulses of light on wrinkles and age spots to deliver younger looking skin. IPL is a popular treatment method for dermatologists around the world to battle anti-aging.

At Glow Beauty Centre the application of intense pulsed light is used in many of our popular treatments as well as Anti-Aging. We currently use IPL for permanent hair removal and we use IPL for removing thread veins.

Intense Pulse Light has become one of the most effective ways to reduce the signs of aging. As there are little risks to having IPL and many benefits, many people turn to this treatment for effective Anti-Aging relief.

How IPL Anti-Aging Treatment works?

An IPL machine is used directly onto the treatment area and the protected UV rays are pulsed into the targeted skin. These focused wavelengths are beneficial to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and increasing firmness in the skin.

The intense light stimulates collagen in your skin to smooth the upper layers, revive skin cells and make the skin firm.

Before your treatment you can talk with your beauty therapist to discuss your treatment plan. To see effective results you will need at least 3 sessions of IPL however depending on your skin colour and the treatment area you may need more.

At our beauty salon we specialise in IPL so our beauty therapists are trained and experienced to effectively use IPL machines.

Benefits of IPL Anti-Aging

There are many benefits of IPL Anti-Aging:

• Reduces wrinkles
• Lessens the appearance of marks and scarring
• Fixes uneven skin tones
• Smoothens skin
• Removes skin pigmentation

Our packages can be tailored per customer so why not book your IPL Anti-Aging at Glow Beauty Centre now on 01772 795572 or send us a message via our online form.