Face Mapping

woman's face being analysed

Face Mapping is available for free at Glow Beauty Centre. Our beauty therapists can examine your skin to determine which Dermalogica products you should be using. Every person’s skin is different and you need a facial remedy that will most benefit you.

What is Face Mapping?

Face Mapping is an analysis of your facial skin. During this assessment our therapists can recommend which products and treatments will be the most beneficial for your skin type.

This experience can be educational if you aren’t sure which toners, exfoliators and moisturising treatments are best for you. As Dermalogica Face Mapping is free, it is the perfect opportunity to receive a professional consultation from our beauty therapists on how to be looking after your skin.

When we recommend which products are most suitable for you, we will also consider your lifestyle and seasonal factors as it is important to adapt your facial cleaning routine throughout the year.

At Glow Beauty Centre our Dermalogica treatments are long-term solutions to achieving perfect skin. We also have quick solutions with our MicroZone treatments so we can focus on problem areas.

The Benefits of Dermalogica Face Mapping Analysis

To get the best out of your Dermalogica treatments, the Face Mapping analysis can help you and your beauty therapist understand your skin. With so many treatments available, this facial analysis can help you save money as you are choosing products that are suitable for your skin.

The benefits of having Face Mapping:
• Understand your skin
• You can choose which products and treatments are best for your skin
• Learn what benefits your skin health
• Recognise what irritates your skin tone

At Glow Beauty Centre our Face Mapping analysis is beneficial for all our clients who want to have Dermalogica treatments. Book an appointment at our beauty salon to receive your free facial analysis by calling us on 01772 795572.