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MicroZone is a fast action treatment by Dermalogica which is available at Glow Beauty Centre. This therapy is designed to quickly examine your skin and give a specific treatment to solve any skin complications.

What is a MicroZone Treatment?

Dermalogica MicroZone is a specialised treatment designed to help fix any problem areas on your skin. If you are looking for immediate relief from acne or irritating skin our Dermalogica treatments can provide the solution.

When you arrive at Glow Beauty Centre our beauty therapists will assess your skin to understand which treatment will work best for you. Face Mapping means our therapists can understand what is irritating your skin so they can choose the best action to take with your MicroZone treatment.

Compared to the other Dermalogica treatments we have at our beauty salon MicroZone is designed to give an instant fix.

If you are about to go on holiday, have a special date or just need some emergency TLC this treatment is ideal for making you look your best.

The treatment takes less than half an hour which is perfect for a quick solution treatment.

Benefits of MicroZone Treatment

The MicroZone treatment focuses directly on problem areas. Our therapists can choose a Dermalogica treatment that can:

• Remove blackheads
• Clean and help remove spots
• Deep exfoliation
• Relieve dryness
• Calm sensitive skin
• Hydrate pours
• Brighten tired looking skin
• Sooth and smooth skin
• Revive tired skin
• Cleanse oily skin
• Lip hydration
• Skin repair

This Dermalogica therapy is very popular because it is quick acting and solves many facial problems. As your therapist will be using products that are beneficial to your skin, you know the treatment will be helping your skin and not causing more problems.

Dermalogica MicroZone treatments are available at Glow Beauty Centre and our packages can be tailored per customer. Give us a call on 01772 795572 or visit us to see what solutions are available to fix your skin complications.