Facial Hair Removal


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Facial hair removal is a major concern for some people. Unwanted hair on your face can be a nuisance and finding the best ways to get rid of the hair can be a task. At Glow Beauty Centre we offer professional treatments for getting rid of unwanted hair.

Best Way to Remove Facial Hair

With so many facial hair removal options on the market it can be difficult to choose which is the best for you.

Hair removal cream has been a popular treatment to use in the comfort of your home. Hair removal creams can be applied to the facial area and left for a few minutes before removing. The use of hair creams can be ineffective because they don’t give long lasting effects and most hairs return within a few days.

They may be cheaper but the cream can irritate the skin and as the chemicals destroy the hair rather than at the hair’s root, the hair can regrow thick and stubbly.

Glow Beauty Centre has many effective treatments available for removing nuisance hairs.


Waxing remains a firm favourite for facial hair removal. The quick treatment gives immediate results. The length of time before hair regrowth is usually at least two weeks and this will increase over time with more treatments as the hairs will become finer and thinner.

Waxing is most effective on facial hairs because these hairs a thinner and easier to pull compared to thicker hairs. After a waxing treatment, your skin will feel renewed as waxing can also pull away dead skin.


Threading is a quick and specialist method for hair removal and especially effective for eyebrow shaping. Threading can also be used to remove hair from your lip, forehead, neck and the sides of your face.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal

As waxing and threading are classed as semi-permanent hair removal methods, they will only give you short term results. If you want something more permanent, Glow Beauty Centre has IPL and SHR treatment available.


Intense Pulsed Light destroys hair from its root and over a number of treatments you can achieve permanent hair removal.


Super Hair Removal is similar to IPL and aims toward permanent hair removal by the end of the treatment.

Laser hair removal is the latest permanent hair removal technology that gives permanent results. After a number of treatments you can say goodbye to irritating hairs and enjoy life long facial-free hair.

Facial hair removal is an easy task with Glow Beauty Centre and our packages can be tailored per customer. Book your next appointment with us on 01772 795572.