Body Waxing


leg waxing

Glow Beauty Centre has many body waxing treatments available. Body wax is an effective means of removing hairs quickly with great results. Many of our clientele choose waxing because after each treatment hairs are noticeably thinner and lighter.

Have a look at the body waxing treatments we provide:

Full Body Wax

If you are looking to wax most of your body from troublesome hairs, then the full body waxing treatment is the one for you. Arms, legs, torso, back, face, you name it. Talk to your therapist beforehand so you can discuss what areas you want to focus.

Full Leg Waxing

With a full leg wax treatment, you can get hair removed from your ankle to the top of your thigh. This treatment may take over half an hour as your therapist will have to work in sections as they move up the leg.

Half Leg Waxing

From ankle to knee you can get a professional wax that can give you long lasting hair free skin. You can throw away the shaver and enjoy waxing. With each treatment, hairs will be lighter and easier to remove.

Full Arm Waxing

Arm waxing is popular for removing hairs from your arms. Some customers have their arms waxed because after a number of sessions the hairs are lighter and thinner so hairs are not as noticeable.

Half Arm Waxing

If you don’t want a whole arm waxed, you can have a wax from your hand to your elbow. With each wax your hairs will grow back lighter.

Underarm Waxing

The idea of having your underarms waxed might make you cringe but it’s an effective way to have smooth skin and does not cause the same irritation caused by shaving.

The best length to wax hairs is about half an inch so for a quick underarm waxing treatment make sure your hairs are at a good length so the wax doesn’t struggle pull your hairs.

Body Wax

If it’s your first waxing treatment you may feel a little more discomfort as your hairs are not used to being pulled. With each treatment your hairs will get easier to remove.

There are some ways you can prepare before your body waxing treatment to help make the hair removal easier.

Exfoliate – A deep exfoliation days before your treatment can clean away dead skin and exfoliate your pores so when you wax, your skin will be clean from dirt.
Wash Before Your Treatment – A few hours before your wax, have a shower or a bath to clean your skin.
Hair Growth – Your hairs want to be at least half an inch so the wax can easily hold the hairs and pull them out with one strip. If your hairs are too long you can be more vulnerable to ingrown hairs.

If you are during your menstruation cycle your skin may feel more sensitive to the pull of the wax so it might be better to book your appointments at a different time.

After your treatment your skin may feel sensitive and you can follow some simple aftercare waxing tips to help avoid irritating your skin.

Our packages can be tailored per customer so book your next appointment with Glow Beauty Centre today by calling 01772 795572.