Facial Waxing


woman smiling at beauty salon

Glow Beauty Centre offers facial waxing treatments. Waxing facial hair is the quick and easy method to remove nuisance face hairs.

We have a number of treatments available:

Eyebrow Waxing

If you just want your eyebrows tidied or if you fancy a new shape, you can start your appointment with a consultation with one of our beauty therapists to discuss what you want.

Your eyebrow treatment will begin with the area being cleaned and the wax will then be applied. The hairs will then be removed and if needed your therapist will tweeze any difficult single hairs.

Waxing your eyebrows is an effective way to have tidy brows. Hairs don’t usually grow back for at least two weeks.

Lip Waxing

Waxing your lip is a quick and easy method to remove unwanted hairs and you will find hairs are finer after each waxing treatment.

Your lip is perhaps the most sensitive area to be waxed but many women want their lip to be waxed. After your lip is clean, the wax will be applied and all the hairs will be removed.

Chin Waxing

The skin on your chin is not as sensitive as your lip or eyebrows so it’s very easy to wax any hairs in this area.

Face Waxing

A full face wax is available at Glow Beauty Centre. Face waxing can include the hairs on the side of your face and your cheeks. Speak to your therapist before your treatment and you can discuss what hairs you want removed.

Face Wax

Waxing your facial hairs can be uncomfortable compared to waxing your leg because the skin on your face is very sensitive. If this is your first face wax, your hairs won’t be used to being pulled but after a couple of treatments your hairs will be finer and easy to remove.

Our beauty therapists work quickly so any discomfort is minimal but you can also prepare before your treatment to help the hair removal.

  • Clean your skin – use a good daily face wash in the morning of your treatment so your skin is clean. After a waxing treatment your skin is more likely to get spots if you don’t clean it beforehand and avoid touching your face after your treatment.
  • Exfoliate – You can exfoliate your skin a couple of days before your treatment. This removes any dead skin cells and gives your pores a deep clean.
  • Don’t moisturise – You want your skin to be clean and natural before your treatment.

Some women find waxing very uncomfortable when they are in their menstruating cycle so try to avoid this time of the month if you think it may be an issue for you.

After your face wax, try to avoid irritating your skin. You can consult our after care guidelines for waxing.

Face waxing is so much easier and more effective than the tweezers, waxing is the answer to removing problem hairs on your face.

Our packages can be tailored per customer so contact Glow Beauty Centre to book your next appointment for your facial waxing treatment.