Hollywood Wax

Having a Hollywood wax is a popular waxing style for women who want to remove hair from their downstairs’ region. Our beauty therapists at Glow Beauty Centre provide Hollywood waxing so you can throw away the shaver.

What is a Hollywood Wax?

Unlike a Bikini or a Brazilian, Hollywood waxing removes all pubic hair from the front, sides and back. The beauty therapist will remove the hair with wax by sections and it usually takes up to four weeks for the hair to grow back.

Some women prefer Hollywood waxing because they feel it is more hygienic or it’s an easier way to manage the hair.

Hollywood Waxing

At Glow Beauty Centre our beauticians have years of waxing training and experience. We understand having your pubic hairs waxed can feel uncomfortable but our beauty therapists can answer any queries and they work fast to remove all hairs efficiently.

When you ask a woman what it’s like to have a Hollywood wax you will probably get a range of answers. It really depends on the sensitivity of your skin to determine how much discomfort you may feel. With the more waxing treatments you have, you will find it easier to have the hairs removed because the hairs will get thinner.

We recommend some ways you can help prepare before your wax so you can feel more comfortable:

  • Before you book your appointment your pubic hairs need to be at least a quarter of an inch long. If your hairs aren’t long enough we won’t be able to do the treatment because the wax won’t be able to pull out the hairs and it could injure your skin.
  • Have a shower or bath before your appointment so your skin is clean. Avoid using any soap that may irritate your skin.
  • Bring some loose clothing to wear after your wax to avoid agitating your skin.

Compared to other hair removal treatments Hollywood wax removes the hairs from the root so you can enjoy longer lasting hair-free skin.

If you have never had a Bikini wax, we recommend you have a Bikini before trying a Hollywood to see if you feel comfortable with the hair removal treatment.

Our packages can be tailored per customer so contact Glow Beauty Centre today to book your next Hollywood wax treatment.